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Know when to say enough

It is difficult to decide when is the right time to say enough. Based on the UBS study, that 'normal' is not knowing when you have enough.  
An article in reveals a few findings of a recent study of UBS.
Most millionaires with less than five million dollars feel that one wrong move and it will have a major impact on their life. 
The article suggests to live well on your means and avoid lifestyle inflation.
Billionaires though put more effort on building wealth, in the end their biggest regret is not spending time with family. Two out of three billionaires believe their children take things for granted. Half believe their children will fail to take full advantage of the opportunities they’ve been given.
The article suggests to prioritise time with the kids while there is a chance still. 
'Find opportunities to instill your values and principles throughout their childhood. Do what we did- tell your kids they should expect no inheritance. Make them realize they have to earn their way,' the article says.
Enough is not enough for many billionaires to be fully satisfied, because lifestyle expectations rise along with networth.
The article suggests to be content with less and don't let your lifestyle increase as your career progresses.