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How to become an innovator

Innovators do not come from sky or it is not magical, people innovate only after a lot of work. 
An article in lists out a few points to develop a mindset. 
The step to be an innovator is to use your problems to guide you instead of running away from them. Before tackling the problem analyse it thoroughly. 
Before taking up any project we must identify the problem to solve. An innovator should learn how to develop unambiguous, measurable and actionable problem statement. 
Inspiration is not something that can be forced to come. But we have to be prepared for it as it comes. 
'Your problem statements come into play here. Doing so ignites my curiosity and fuels diversity, allowing me to solve a problem when I least expect it—whether that’s during a work meeting or in the middle of the night,' the author states in the article. 
When you listen to something it should be done with intent. There are lot of seminars happening across the globe all you have to do is to listen to them. 
Being an innovator requires more grit. It is not going to be easy but it does not have to be overwhelming.
'People often think of things in separate, easily defined categories, but that’s not the case. Ideas and projects cross-pollinate because they benefit from interaction with each other. I deliberately look for those symbiotic relationships that form between business, invention, patents and entrepreneurship. That way, success in one area will benefit another,' the article states.
An innovator should not get lazy or comfortable. 
You might be tempted to get comfortable with your first idea, especially when it’s your brainchild. It happens to everyone, but nip it in the bud when you notice it. That comfort inhibits growth. You need to be prepared to work toward your best idea, not just the first one that excites you.
Present your idea to people you don't know and take their inputs and see if you can solve their doubts. Act as your own devil’s advocate and see your thoughts as your opponents might. When you let go of laziness and complacency, innovation becomes a lot more lightweight.