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What are all the poor industrial relation activities in a company to create Industrial Dispute

What are all the poor industrial relation activities in a company to create Industrial Dispute?

·         Unfair labour practices.

·         Not following the labour laws.

·         Not following the proper disciplinary procedures.

·         Hasty decisions by management.

·         Not thinking holistically by the management in discipline matters.

·         Partiality shown by management team.

·         Cost cutting activities.

·         Drop in business.

·         Not controlling the bad elements in the probation period itself.

·         Closing the eyes and giving long roap to misconduct in the industry.

·         Lack of complete knowledge on IR procedures by Managers in the establishment. [9:28 AM,

·         Mental inertia on the part of management and labour;

·         An intolerant attitude of contempt of contempt towards the workers on the part of management.

·         Inadequate fixation of wage or wage structure;

·         Unhealthy working conditions;

·         Indiscipline;

·         Lack of human relations skill on the part of supervisors and other managers;

·         Desire on the part of the workers for higher bonus or DA and the corresponding desire of the employers to give as little as possible;

·         Inappropriate introduction of automation without providing the right climate;

·         Unduly heavy workloads;

·         Inadequate welfare facilities;

·         Dispute on sharing the gains of productivity;

·         Unfair labour practices, like victimization and undue dismissal;

·         Retrenchment, dismissals and lock-outs on the part of management and strikes on the part of the workers;

·         Inter-union rivalries; and

·         General economic and political environment, such as rising prices, strikes by others, and general indiscipline having their effect on the employees’ attitudes.

·         Neglecting of human needs and wants for a working atmosphere.

·         Mostly not understanding the small grievances and addressing them at the right time.

·         The touch called personal touch is missing.

·         we are all behind numbers.

·         Economic Causes Poor wages and poor working conditions are the main reasons for unhealthy relations among management and labour. ...

·         Organisational Causes

·         Social Causes

·         Psychological Causes

·         Political Causes

·         Strong  and Stable Union

It is also basically start with demand and supply at macro level.

A. More supply and less demand for manpower and skill leads to unfair practices ( IR scenario -   Pilot and IT companies also have unions for collective bargain to get fair requirements at par with Market )

B. Less supply more demand ( HR environment ... we shall be after people for Talent acqusition .. development ... more pay benefits etc etc )

Being fair is the key ????

·         Poor wages

·         Poor working conditions

·         Unauthorized deduction from wages

·         Lack of fringe benefits

·         Absence of promotional opportunities

·         Shortfall in job evaluation process

·         Bias in performance appraisal

·         Faulty incentive scheme

·         No regular interaction between Management and Workmen

·         Inadequate infrastructure

·         Worn out plant and machineries

·         Improper layout

·         Poor maintenance of machines

·         No proper communication between Management and Workmen

·         Non recognition of Trade Unions

·         Unfair labour practices

·         Not following standing orders and Labour Laws

·         Monotonous job

·         Employees inability to balance work and life

·         Lack of counseling for employees

·         Feeling of insecurity

·         Non recognition of merit and performance

·         Poor interpersonal relationship

·         Political nature of trade unions

·         Inter union rivalry

·         Dominance of outside leaders

·         Authoritative approach of Management

·         Absence of grievance handling machinery

·         Denial of leave even for genuine reasons

·         Forcing the employees to attain high level of industrial engineering norms

·         Inadequate canteen facilities

·         Dispute pertaining to payment of bonus

·         Disciplinary action for starting Trade Union

Courtesy: Arghaa Academy of IR- Complied from the Points shared by Group Members