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Arghaa Academy of IR- Learn & Share- 4/12/2018- Audit of Canteen Accounts

[10:36 AM, 12/4/2018] HR Sugumar CBE: Today's question is  May  A principal employer audit canteen accounts which is situated in outside of the premises? Is there any provisions in Industrial Laws/Rules pl share

[12:56 PM, 12/4/2018] HR. Rajan Babu:

My Question is why should the principal employer  audit canteen accounts  who holds a separate entity. The quality of products used for food preparation can always be audited. Hope he is not a part of your principal employer

[1:00 PM, 12/4/2018] HR Sugumar CBE:

Sir many judgments are there If the company is not having the statutory canteen and serving food will be treated as the company canteen and the workers are also treated as company appointed workers even though appointed thru contract.......

In that situation my question may come with valid one.

[1:09 PM, 12/4/2018] HR. Rajan Babu:

You should have valid contract and is renewed every year. You should ensure proper compliance. The issue comes only when the company itself runs the canteen when outsourced where and how the question arises. This is my views others can have their view please.  There is always a lot of difference between in house and outsourced

[2:19 PM, 12/4/2018] HR.Dhansekar Dae Seung:  More over the external caterer may not supply only to you,  when he is a supplier to many company who will be the principal employer.

[3:04 PM, 12/4/2018] +91 99419 10202: Team

If have you handled audit on EMS, there are few points that govern the external Caterer also which has a link to IF Act also

It starts with FSSAI certificate medical examination of the food handlers and so on.

[3:10 PM, 12/4/2018] +91 99419 10202: True.

I remember in one judgment where a batch six person were working in the same canteen under different vendors for almost 26 years and they were later on made as a company staff.

This happened in one of factories at Trichy

 [6:59 PM, 12/4/2018] HR Peter Venture mepz:

[7:47 PM, 12/4/2018] HR Jayakumar Shalimar: Principles Of Natural Justice (b) Rule of audi alteram Partem: This right to fair hearing includes: (i) Right to know adverse evidence; (ii) Right to present case; (iii) Right to rebut evidence; (iv) Right to cross-examination and legal re presentation; (v) Right to reasoned decision, etc.

[8:30 PM, 12/4/2018] HR Anand:

 Dear Team, Please share the gazette for pf deduction including the special   and other allowance .

 [10:16 PM, 12/4/2018] HR Murugavel Hyundai Steel:

·         TN Factories Rule 69 (2) permits the accounts pertaining to the Canteen should be audited once in every 12 months.

·         In case of factory owned/undertaken by Government, having their own Accounts Department audited by themselves.

·         Canteen run through Co-op basis are exempted.

Note:  The Above rule not does not deal with either inside or outside canteen.

[10:19 PM, 12/4/2018] HR Murugavel Hyundai Steel: Please note that there is no such notification.

The meaning of basic wages as defined under EPF Act includes other allowances except exclusions.

[10:28 AM, 12/5/2018] HR Sugumar CBE:

Tks sir so the company has to audit the accounts of the canteen where the place of cooking is immaterial

[10:30 AM, 12/5/2018] HR Sugumar CBE:

Eventhough the rule says that separate balance sheet shall be prepared for canteen transactions and present it into Canteen Management Committee immediate after 2months from the account closing date.

HR Murugavel Hyundai Steel:

Subject to following conditions:

1. It should be statutory canteen.

2. The expenses  of maintenance of canteen should be incurred by the Company.

3. It doesn't apply to food supplies made on Head Count basis.