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What is the recent change in performance management?

There is an epic shift in how companies approach performance management in the recent times.

A few companies are dealing with this problem by adapting better ways. This effort is enhanced through improving engagement.

An article in achieveform states that performance management and coaching are top leaderships development priorities for several levels of leaders.

Th article also outlines a new performance management system that leverages these capabilities. 

1) The top skill development priorities should enhance managerial skills in setting SMART goals and linking development planning to performance planning.

'In recent polling we have done in North America and in EMEA many customers see this as their top performance management priority. We would add that this is a top engagement priority as well,' the article states.

2) The second priority is to increase the ability of direct reports about performance goal setting, feedback and coaching. 

'In the new performance management empowering, direct reports with these skills are vital to promoting personal accountability for performance management,' the article states.

3) Having a streamlined and simplified HR systems through which managers access performance management tools and resources will be the third focal point.

Following these three points will convert dissatisfaction with former approach to realising the promise of the new performance management.