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How to build and hold a conversation?

There are many skills that are required to build a strong relationship or business, but the most important of them is building a conversation. 
It is easier to maintain the momentum, however the problem arises in starting the conversation. 
An article in reveals a few points that can act as a conversation starter. 
* One of the most positive ways to start a conversation is by making a compliment. Not only do they provide a perfect opening line and a possible door for discussion, they also make the person feel good about themselves. Starting the conversation off on a positive note is crucial to keep the conversation going.
* Instead of right away diving in to a deeper conversation, start with small talk. This will gradually lead to a point where both the people involved in the conversation will become comfortable to talk on various topics. 
* Look for an opportunity where you can start asking questions as they act as a conversational lubricant. Pay attention as much as you can to the conversation and use them to move it forward. You should be scouting the entire conversation for “tell me more” opportunities. Keep potential questions in the back of your mind. Try to be as specific and inquisitive as possible.
* Don't be intimidating when holding the conversation. Be as nice as possible. Walk into the conversation with a big smile and open body language, and keep yourself open, receptive and smiling politely for as much of the conversation as you can.  Maintain eye contact at all times and don't look distracted.
* Don't turn the conversation into a lecture, give scope for the other person to respond. If you find that the conversation is dwindling, or if the person simply doesn’t respond well to questions, feel free to jump in yourself. Tell an amusing story or a personal anecdote—it may be exactly what the conversation needs to keep going.
* Keep the conversation as light and approachable as possible. People tend to gravitate towards others with a positive attitude, so keep your conversational material positive. If you struggle with this, try memorising a handful of good jokes or good stories to use when you meet new people. 
With a little practice and more confidence, these tips can enable you to start a conversation with anybody, anywhere.