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Tips to make easier decision

Here are a few tips from successful entrepreneurs for young talents to  make better and faster decision than others. 
* Grant Cardone, top sales expert:  When I get stuck, I ask myself, Am I going to continue with the status quo, or move forward? All decisions have a cost associated with them. Usually what holds me back is either fear or a lack of information. Get the data you need and never fear betting on yourself.
* Melanie Perkins, co-founder and CEO of Canva: Spend as much time as you need figuring out your long-term vision. Because after you have a clear vision, all the smaller, day-to-day decisions are much easier. You’ll learn that each little decision you make is either moving you in the right direction or will be an important lesson you needed to learn in order to achieve your vision.
* Roberto Orci, Hollywood producer and screenwriter: I’ve learned not to let anyone rush me when a big decision comes my way. I don’t mean that you should procrastinate indefinitely. But I’ve learned that the speed of business in this world often makes us feel the pressure to make a decision faster than we should. 
* Danae Ringelmann, founder of Indiegogo: It’s much easier to make decisions when you’re abundantly clear on what you’re trying to achieve, why you’re trying to achieve it and how you plan on achieving it. Your mission (why), values and strategy (how), and metrics (what) serve as guidance, bumper lanes and filters to your decision-making. 
* Chris Plough, entrepreneur advisor and serial entrepreneur: Ask whether your hesitation is due to fear (not being prepared or capable) or anxiety (not feeling prepared or capable). If it’s fear, proceed with one easy-to-accomplish step at a time. Learn from each and iterate quickly. This gives you progress to learn from and time to acclimate, allowing you to build true confidence. 
* Craig Lack, CEO of ENERGI: Being decisive is about making choices, measuring feedback and learning fast. Unfortunately, analysis paralysis affects many entrepreneurs, and 'perfect' becomes the enemy of 'good enough to test.' There are no perfect plans and no perfect decisions; make educated choices, adapt, modify and overcome.
* Jon Braddock, founder and CEO of My Life & Wishes: I have always gone with my gut instinct on business decisions and moved rapidly when I see an opportunity. Although it could look like I jump out of the airplane and figure out how to build my parachute on the way down, it actually goes much deeper. My past experiences and gut instinct together allow me to gauge the risk and decide to go for it or walk away. I never sleep on an idea. Instead, I give myself a short timeline of 5 to 10 minutes to process the information.