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Which is the best time to quit your job?

There is no easy way to make any decision and it becomes all the more difficult when you have to decide when to quit your job.
It’s important not to make a decision in haste that could cost you money and negatively impact your future career prospects.
An article in states the worst times to quit a job.
* Never leave work after a conflict at work. There is no conflict at work that cannot be repaired. Think strategically about the best way to move forward. Make sure you're not making a rash decision and see if it is possible to end on good terms. It will help you to get a positive review and might even be possible to stay.
* It would be easier to find a job when you are employed than it is when you are out of work, so never leaver your job till you have found an alternate.
* If you feel that you are going to fired, the next option is quitting, however it has its own pros and cons. If you quit you do not have to explain why you were fired during job interviews. It’s easier to explain a resignation, but quitting could disqualify you from collecting unemployment.
* If you are on the verge of getting a promotion, think twice before quitting, you may want that better job title on your resume or most importantly you may like the new job. 
*  If you’re not sure, you may want to do some career research before you start looking for a job. Instead of quitting, try to figure out career options while you still have job security.
* Does your company give annual or holiday bonuses? If you quit shortly before yours is due, you may not be entitled to receive it. Hold off until afterwards to ensure you get your extra pay.
* Quitting right after you have agreed to take on a big project will reflect poorly on you and result in subpar references unless you quit due to a personal safety, health or wellness issue. 
*  If you or your family have a tuition benefit provided by your employer, you could lose it if you quit while you or your dependents are still in school. Check the fine details in your tuition reimbursement plan and plan accordingly.
*  If you are pregnant or have an infant, you may be entitled to paid or unpaid time off from work. Check on what happens to your eligibility before you decide on resigning while on maternity leave. It could make sense to wait until you near the end of your leave to turn in your resignation.
Think smart and carefully plan your departure, so you’re quitting at the best time rather than the worst. Make the decision to quit on your terms, and have a timeline for your departure in place.