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Tips to distract your distractions

In the present digital age, there is distraction everywhere. Be it in academics or at work. Things become all the more difficult when it comes to advertising technology business. Emails pile into our inboxes and we receive notifications from social networks, text messages, chats and a variety of apps.
Lately, those distractions seem more ubiquitous and unnerving than ever before.
If you want to draw up your own offensive playbook to stay ahead of every day, you can do it with these simple steps. 
* Resist the urge to check messages 
Instead of checking the messages in your phone in the morning set aside time for yourself, even if it can’t always be a full hour. 
Giving your immediate attention to reaction events only will bottleneck your productivity.
It’s not how a productive day begins. Staying away from email and focusing on own well-being during this time keeps the day in control. It helps you clear your head and focus on the goals for the day.
2. Social-media diet
The negativity overtaking some of the more popular social networks today can not only ruin your day. It also can pull you into some very provocative-but-distracting conversations. Together, these eat up massive chunks of time.
Social networks can be distracting during the work day, even for those of us who work in digital media.
If you aren’t ready for a full-fledged diet, be thoughtful of the time you spend on social networks and adjusting accordingly.
3. Earmark certain time blocks
Reserve several hours each day to power through the most important work. During those times make sure you are not disturbed by anyone and stay not reachable.
If there’s an actual emergency, only  key people should be able to reach you. 
If you’re not an executive with your company, you’ll need to explain this tactic and its benefits to your supervisor. It’s important to emphasise that your goal is to be more productive. Make sure team leaders know when you’ll be back online and how they can reach in the event of a true work emergency.
While these tactics may seem very simple, they’ve had a dramatic impact on productivity and overall well-being.
That said, these techniques take commitment and self-discipline. Not checking your email every five minutes is a learned behaviour-- but so was getting in the habit of checking on a mobile device. Taking that first hour for yourself in the morning can feel very self-indulgent, initially.
These small changes will deliver positive impacts to both your work life and your personal life.