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The necessity of leadership quality

While a few small business owners think there is no necessity for a effective team or a leader, the reality is however different.              
Even as a solo operator there is always a place for leadership. The fundamentals of being a leader will come in handy to help the business grow. This will also help in dealing with the customers. 
There are so many common factors between leaders in a small business and a large organisation. 
Many small businesses suffer and fail because of lack of leadership. Developing these skills can drastically increase the chance of success.
An article in lists out a few points that you will find while implementing leadership principles. 
* Having the mindset of a leader will give you a strategic plan. It will make you set a goal and work towards it.
* When you have set a goal you start planning to achieve it and make sure that your day to day activities are carried out keeping the bigger picture in mind.
* This will also enable you to switch between being a leader and a manager. Having a clear strategy will make you clear on what you want and will be helpful in deciding whether you have to get involved in the work or just attend to the details. 
With some extra practise you can be both the manager and leader and this will be a big boost to your business.