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Latest Labour Law Judgments January 2018

·         Reported Labour Judgements at Glance Jan 2018

·         No mercy, but sacking, for embezzlers. Bom. HC 19, Guj. HC 39, Karn. HC 51 & 52

·         Director of a company not personally liable for default in remitting ESI contributions.      Del. HC 58

·         The loan amount cannot be adjusted against gratuity.    Cal. HC 32

·         Accidental physical contact would not amount to ‘sexual harassment’.   Del. HC 8

·         A piece-rated employee is also covered under ESI.          Supreme Court 1

·         Theft, while on duty, justifies dismissal from service.      Supreme Court 2

·         Non-issuing of tickets after receipt of fare would justify dismissal.  Guj. HC 39

·         Allegation of intemperate language cannot constitute sexual harassment.   Ker. HC 24

·         Unpaid apprentice under Apprentices Act would be entitled to accident compensation.   Mad. HC 70

·         An employer can’t take advantage of workman’s weak economic position under the settlement.  Mad. HC 68

·         Sexually determined physical contact would constitute sexual harassment. Del. HC 8

·         Accident compensation payable to a workman, not to a clerk.    MP HC 42

·         Enquiry can be held even after the acquittal of any employee.   Supreme Court 2

·         Dismissal is justified for second marriage when the first marriage survives.   Jhar. HC 60

·         After valid enquiry, the punishment not to be interfered by the Labour Court.   Supreme Court 2

·         Calculation of accident compensation not to be less than minimum wages.  Supreme Court 7

·         Labour Court not to interfere in enquiry when admitted as proper by the workman.  Guj. HC 39

·         Admission of misappropriation is sufficient for dismissal.    Bom. HC 19

·         Show cause notice can’t be challenged in a writ petition.    Uttra. HC 49

·         Reinstatement is to be only in the same post as held prior to termination.   Chatt. HC 36

·         Contract labour can claim equal wages of one’s category from the principal employer.    Del. HC 13

·         Compound interest on delayed payment of gratuity only after issuing of recovery certificate.     Chatt. HC 37

·         The pendency of criminal trial has no bearing on disciplinary proceedings.    Supreme Court 2

·         Relationship of employer-employee established when the employer has admitted.  Del. HC 17


·         An order by RPFC relying upon the report of Enforcement Officer is not legal.  Bom. HC 78

·         Reviewing authority must hear the aggrieved party.    Ker. HC 87

·         An appeal before Tribunal beyond limitation not tenable.    Bom. HC 76

·         Transferee liable for damages for the default of delayed remittance by the transferor.  Bom. HC 82

·         Damages in absence of mens rea on the part of the employer are not sustainable. Chhat. HC 85

·         EPF Appellate Tribunal can reduce or waive the amount of pre-deposit to any extent.    Del. HC 99

·         Limitation Act for condonation of delay is not applicable in delayed filing of an appeal.    Ori. HC 90

·         Financial crises due to labour unrest is a factor for reduction of damages for delayed deposit of PF dues.   Del. HC 100

·         Clubbing of units for applicability of EPF Act when there is financial integrality.    Ker. HC 102

·         A non-covered industry can be added to Schedule I of the Act for coverage.       Ker. HC 109

·         Writ petition is not maintainable if the alternative remedy of appeal is available.  Ori. HC 90

·         An ex-parte order is justified if a party fails to appear before EPF authority.   P&H HC 97

·         Only financial crisis is no ground for reduction of damages and interest on delayed deposit of EPF dues.  P&H HC 95

·         A factory manufacturing wooden furniture is to be covered under the Act.   Ker. HC 109

·         A principal employer will be liable to pay EPF contributions if contractors fail to remit.     P&H HC 97

·         Natural justice and equity warrant a reasonable opportunity of hearing before an adverse order is passed.  Ker. HC 87

·         EPF contribution is for any person on wages either, manual or otherwise, or in connection with the work of the establishment.  Bom. HC 76

·         EPF Tribunal can’t condone delay in filing an appeal after the expiry of the prescribed period.     Bom. HC 76

·         The transferee is liable for default of transferor to the extent of assets as obtained. Bom. HC 82

·         Mens rea/actus reus of employer would be the determinative factor in imposing damages. Chhat. HC 85     

      Complied from Labour law Reporter