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How to make use of digital learning?

When you work in an organisation you are expected to be ready for tomorrow, yesterday. However, problems arise when you don't know what you don't know and what should be learnt. 
There are a variety of digital tools which will come in handy for self-assessments.
An article in suggests to increase self-awareness through a multitude of online assessments and then look at the gaps, or opportunities for improvement. Then work on these gaps.
Another method is to look where you want to be in the the future and what skills are needed to be in that role. 
So now that we have identified what is needed the next question is how to learn it.
If you are able to access it through digital learning products then well and good, but if you don't you can look in to what your learning and development team has to offer. 
The article says that about 80 per cent L&D organisations have purchased excellent content for their organisation, and the learners in the organisation don't know that they have it. 
Now that you have got your hands on the content it is important that you make proper use of it. There are two parts to time, deadlines and creating space for yourself. 
Set yourself a deadline to complete the learning space and you can inform about the deadline to someone close to you so that they can remind you about it. Set blocks on your calendar to learn. 
After reading the book you have to write down how you are going to make use of it. It won't be easy to achieve success in the first time. However good things don't come easily but you can conquer it with hard work.
Take some time to appreciate yourself when you have achieved something with what you have learnt. Writing down your success can also help you with this.