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How to increase your chances at appraisal meet?

Many of us despite performing to our best and giving more than the desired results still don't get the proper appraisal that we feel we deserve, but a few employees always get a 5 out of 5 every year.
There have been many processes which were tried to make the process transparent however appraisal is still subjective. 
The key difference between those who get the appraisal and those who don't is the killer instinct. 
An article in suggests to send a monthly achievement email to your boss every month.
There are two major benefits from this. the first is that it will act as a reminder of what you have done through the year and the next is the execution focus that will come in your work. In office you would have initiated or would be a participant in a lot of items. Chances are most of it is stuck somewhere, far from closure. 
The article suggests to start the E-mail with, “Sir, I thought going forward I will give an update of what I have achieved during the month. Accordingly, this month…”
Send the achievement email by the 10th of the month (for the previous month). 
In your email, mention your lapses too. Although the lapse might already be known to boss, include it again in the monthly email. The aim is for the email to be one-stop view of your month’s performance.
There is no assurance that sending this E-mail will bring the desired appraisal. But his is worth a try and you need patience to do this.