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How to enhance leadership skills

In the present scenario, high impact leadership lies unrecognised and unfulfilled. This is what the executives see as 'frozen'.
Frozen is the condition in which there is a lack of sync between the levels of leaders needed to achieve results at needed levels. 
During this period the key initiatives are either stuck or their inability to make a difference is eroding.
The only way this grid lock can be overcome is by doing things differently. We must prepare leaders to perform critical leadership functions in ways that acknowledge and optimise critical synchronicities.
Companies must focus to enhance leadership development. The present leadership programs focus on a specific level of leaders. Bringing together people who face similar challenges and have like skill development needs to build skills contributes to leadership effectiveness. However, part of our effort to build the capabilities of individual leaders is to enhance their ability to achieve synchronisation with other levels of leaders. 
To enhance the leadership development the following steps can be used as leverages.
* Train people to understand where the collaboration between levels of leadership is most important.
* Have participants perform mission- critical coordination in simulation environments and debrief their effectiveness.
* Provide leaders tools that help them synchronise their efforts with other leaders
Companies should combine learning and doing in real work. 
Leaders can be made to work more effectively by using simulations of real world scenario in trainings. Many organisations today periodically convene teams of multiple levels of leaders assigned to strategic initiatives to keep this work on track. We can add to these sessions by helping teams better accomplish hand-offs between levels of leaders. 
By making these small changes the success rate of the company can be increased by 30 per cent. The only thing is we must act now.