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How To Discover What People Expect Of You

Are employees quitting within few months of joining? Is retaining talent the firm's biggest concern? Then, the company is suffering from a common disorder, one that most firms fail to recognize- Poor on boarding practice. While on boarding is said to be one of the most key strategies followed by companies, it is also among the most under-rated practices.

According to a survey by Wynhurst Group a few years ago, there is 58 percent possibility of a new hire to stay with a company for at least three years, if he or she is made to attend an orientation programme, one that familiarises the recruit with the other employees and  minimizes teething issues. 

On the other hand, another report by Bamboo HR showed how one-third of 31 percent employees, who put their papers within the first six months, little to no.While these are mere numbers that stress on the significance of on boarding, there are umpteen instances of workers airing their grievances of how a little orientation session on the first day, would have helped them settle better. 

So, here we list out to you a few such procedures, which if executed to perfection, might go a long way in ensuring the creamy layer does not melt away.

A desk with a welcome sign on the first day provides a kick start to the new recruit, who is certain to get impressed that the firm actually took time off to make the day special for him or her. 

Several employees vouch for the positivity that is generated if they are taken out for lunches and dinners with the team in the first week of their joining. An orientation programme too helps the new member get engaged with the rest of the team, they say.

One major issue that most trainees face at their work place is the lack of appropriate guidance. "A specific supervisor or a senior should be in-charge of getting the newcomer on track, and helping him or her understand the nature of work and tasks on hand", say employees.

Apart from this, a little fun can cause no harm, they state.

"Games and other interactive sessions on the first few days can be a huge morale booster for the workers. Apart from breaking the ice for new ones, these also help in relieving stress for others", feel many. 

Another common complaint of many a staffer is remaining clueless about their colleagues for weeks together. 

One of the first things that ought to be given to a recruit is a directory that comprises of the names, pictures and email ids of every other employee in the workforce.

"Several firms do not consider this as a necessary to-do, as the managements feel that the newcomer would get to know others over the course of time.  But little do they realize the difficulties and avoidable embarrassment that a trainee faces, until he or she gets familiarized with the peers", explain employees.

This should be accompanied by a tour of the office premises, as initial days might prove to be terrifying for fresher’s, if they are unaware of their surroundings. One point that must be on the top of the agenda for firms that seek to retain talent, is to ensure that the fresher’s do not feel overburdened. This is one mistake that many employers do- they dump work on the latest to join the force, as they feel that it will be met with fewer complaints.

Similarly, words of appreciation and feedback in the right sense are other pointers in this tricky business of over boarding.

"Newcomers might feel insecure of the work they are doing. This should be relieved by the seniors who should make it a point to convey their appreciations. A feedback at the end of the first week shall also help the cause. All this will encourage the employees to work harder and give their best", note many.