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Contribution of women in business world

In the present scenario women are more and more moving out of their comfort zone and are trying things that no one ever fathomed.
At present 224 million women are impacting the global economy. Women-owned entities in the formal sector represent approximately 37 percent of enterprises globally. The recent Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Survey 2016 (GEM) found 126 million women starting or running businesses, and 98 million operating established businesses in the world.
This list varies from hair saloon owners to high tech visionaries.
Women comprise about 30 percent of corporate senior management positions in India, which is notably higher than the global average of 24 percent. However when it comes to the overall workforce India is still lagging behind as the gender gap is 113th out of 135.
Sexual harassment plays a major role for the lag. With recurrent sexual harassment and discrimination at the work place a woman feels unsafe and socially discriminated.
Self-actualization is a far-gone dream for many women who find it difficult to overcome these challenges of the work place.  However, the need to self-actualize takes grip once the woman decides to step out of her pre-decided role in a patriarchal system.
Studies have also shown that women entrepreneurs tend to be more successful because of their status in the community.
Many educated women today have made a significant mark as entrepreneurs in their chosen fields. However, what has not been recognized is that many uneducated women are also enthusiastically raising family incomes through micro ventures.
It is the need to better their life which drives these women and without realizing it they begin to self-actuate.
There are various barriers that these women have to face and they have been overcoming with determination and are venturing into larger domains.
Many financial institutes have realised this and are backing women entrepreneurs more.
Another aspect for the success of women is that they are good in building relations.
To conclude self actualization is synonymous with empowerment in women. Women are becoming self-aware and command their needs to achieve their highest potential be recognized, acknowledged rewarded and respected.