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Be the better boss

The influence of a boss in a team and the productivity of a company can never be ignored. The better the boss, the better the results. Though a few bosses may feel that they are good, there might be some drawbacks with them too.
An article in lists out a few facts about bad bosses and a few tips on how they can be overcome. 
* It is okay to have ambitious dream, however it is not wise to fix unrealistic ones. The reason for this is that it can be very demotivating for employees to not meet goals or fulfill the requirements you set for them.
Tip: Don’t just tell your team to deliver, help them get there by providing the resources and structure they need to achieve their goal.
*The efforts of employees should be recognised and due credits should be given. This act as a catalyst for motivation, which will increase the productivity of the team.
Tip: Celebrate wins – Don’t let hard work go in vain. Take your team out for lunch to recognise their efforts and show appreciation. 
* Do not just focus on the work always, have a light chat about the personal life of the employee. We sometimes forget that employees are more than just employees. They are also parents, students, caretakers, and potentially many other combinations of roles. Showing interest in this is one way to differentiate bad bosses from great leaders.
Tip: Dedicate time to team bonding. Humanise your work and have a get together atleast once in a week. 
* Employees look to improve and it is the duty of the managers to give proper feedback whether it be positive and encouraging or critical. Instead of just pointing out faults, a great leader will also strategise on how employees can improve, setting short term goals and OKRs, as well as offering resources and tools.
Tip: Hold monthly one-on-one meetings in place of annual reviews to allow employees to improve on a consistent basis, and therefore achieve the goals that you set for them. 
* One thing that cannot be ignored in an office environment is an effective communication. 
Tip : Hold monthly one-on-ones, creating a safe and set place for your employees to share their thoughts, and for you to offer feedback. 
* If there is something that is bothering and if the expected result is not arrived, don't feel hesitant to seek help from your sub-ordinates or superiors. 
Tip: Take an audit of the things that are not working for you and bring it to your direct report. 
* Employees do not quit their jobs, but their bosses. In order to earn their respect, you need to first and foremost be respectful towards them. The relationship between manager and employee is one that requires reciprocity.
Tip: Communicate often, Promote work-life balance, Give frequent feedback, Recognise their hard work, Take blame for your mistakes, Help them reach goals.