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'Why' this kolaveri...

Millenials are often being accused of being very nosy and whenever they ask 'WHY' they have often faced opposition.

Nicolas Cole in an article in states that Simon Sinek, an author, has missed out a key detail in his description of Millennials. 

'And Millennials who ask the question 'Why?' don't ask it to be rebellious. Or to be a pain. Or to skip all the hard work because we're impatient -- which Sinek effortlessly explained to be the result of our parents simply giving us too many participation awards,' Nicolas states.

He explains that Millennials ask Why because of the age which they grew in. The author states that with so many social media platforms and access to the internet has given rise to research things in depth and has become a natural instinct to ask 'why' and find an answer for it. 

'Millennials don't ask this question out of impatience. We ask "Why?" because we genuinely want to help. We want to provide value. We want to do things better. We want to improve. We see the tools at our fingertips and cannot fathom why anyone wouldn't be interested in finding better, faster, smarter ways to do things,' Nicolas states.

However whenever someone asks 'why' the authority does not like as till now they have thought that they have done things in the right way so far and they don't want it to change. 

'To me, it's common sense. Why would I spend my valuable time, in a world where options and communications are essentially limitless, in an environment that didn't value me in some sense?,' the author iterates. 

The author says that only when Millennial start asking 'why' we will step in to better future. While the same question that is your greatest asset will also get you more backlash.