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Arghaa Academy of IR- Learn and Share 27/12/2018- Employees Not Adhering to Shift/ Break Timings Steps being taken

[7:43 AM, 12/27/2018] HR. Rajan Babu:

I have an issue (Most of us do Have) the shop floor employees never adhere to the stipulated time schedule (ex not in time after tea break, Lunch etc). The pressure is in  HR  to ensure. What are the steps to be taken to address this issue. Please do share your Thoughts and expertise in handling this situation.

[8:00 AM, 12/27/2018] HR Elumalai:

1.We can call all the employees and explain the situation and make them to understand it very clear.  

2.We can give Best Punctual Employee award monthly base. 

3.We can give warning  and can get apologizes letter from them . If its repeats again we can take necessary action.

4.In unionized organization we can approach the union bearers to make to clear it by addressing in meeting with employees itself. 

Thank you sir. This is my thought.

[10:12 AM, 12/27/2018] HR Dinesh Tata International:

1. We will address the issues to weekly employee meeting at shop floor. 

2.  We will appoint a leader to ensure the timings in each line to start the production in time & discipline wise as well to wear a PPE.

3. We will approach the supervisor to ensure the same. 

Thank you..

[10:37 AM, 12/27/2018] HR. Rajan Babu:

1. First communicate to members during the plant visit. 

2. Display the schedule of Shift timings and break timings.

3. Display an advisory note to adherence of Timings.

4. Will be at the gate 20 Minutes before- Ensure late coming at the beginning of shift is avoided – Rotational basis

5. Will be at the Canteen during breaks few minutes before the close of Canteen timings

6. First few days continuously to make it a habit and practice

7. Periodical surprise visits to ensure the timing are adhered.

8. Information of canteen open and closing timings 

9. In case of all the above initiatives not fruitful then go for disciplinary actions 

10. In order to be successful we should first adhere to the timings.

[8:37 AM, 12/27/2018] Hr Jaganathan Ti:  

We too faced this situation very recently. We are still looking for improvements. 

Step1. Communication in notice board on timings ( Initial)

Step2. Late comer should submit late form 

Step3: If any employee comes more than 3 late in a month. Half a day salary will be deducted or leaves to be compensated to avoid LOP

Courtesy: Whatsapp Group- Arghaa Academy of IR