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Few things that you have to give up to become successful

People feel that to become better in life we need to add more things. However in reality, we need to give up on some of them.
Though each of us has a different definition of success, there are certain universal things that can make one successful if they give up on them.
An article in lists out a few points that people might consider giving up.
* Everything starts with having a healthy lifestyle and people must give up on the unhealthy lifestyle. 
* Instead of setting short term goals, always think large. Successful people set long-term goals, and they know these aims are merely the result of short-term habits that they need to do every day.
* You will never unleash your true potential if you play small. Always think big, so voice your ideas, don’t be afraid to fail, and certainly don’t be afraid to succeed. 
* Never make excuses. Successful people know that they are responsible for their life, no matter their starting point, weaknesses, and past failures.
Realising that you are responsible for what happens next in your life is both frightening and exciting.
Own your life, no one else will. 
* Do not have fixed mindset, most people think that a fixed mindset is a sign of intelligence which is wrong. 
Successful people invest an immense amount of time on a daily basis to develop a growth mindset, acquire new knowledge, learn new skills and change their perception so that it can benefit their lives.
* Start making small continual improvement everyday which will be compounded over time, and give them desirable results. 
Always plan for the future, but focus on the day that's ahead of you, and improve just one per cent every day. 
* Nothing will ever be perfect, no matter how much we try. Fear of failure (or even fear of success) often prevents us from taking an action and putting our creation out there in the world. But a lot of opportunities will be lost if we wait for the things to be right.
* Though multi-tasking may seem like a good idea, it is always advisable to choose one thing and then beat it into submission.
* One cannot control everything and it is important that you distance yourself from things that you cannot control. The only thing you will be able to control is your attitude towards something.
* Learn to say no when it is needed. In order to accomplish a goal, people will have to say no to certain tasks, activities, and demands from their friends, family and colleagues.