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Adapting old methods with new trends

The advancement of digital technology has changed the face of  business. Customer focus has shifted from physical product to service, information and intelligence. There is a rapid increase in the demand for e-commerce industry.
One of the key aspects to have a successful business is establishing a good customer relationship management. 
CRM can be achieved by knowing the customer requirements, summarising the customer needs, initiating the required changes to improve customer support and marketing strategies.
With the arrival of the e-commerce industry it has become easy for the entrepreneur to understand the customer requirements and their preferences and also their spending behaviour with the help of electronic and digital media. The customer in the e-business is looking for convenience, easy transactions and good negotiation with fast delivery and service. 
To deliver excellent customer service the employees should have Authority, Training, Alignment, Innovation. 
Another important aspect is the importance of team building in E-commerce Industry. 
Team building increases productivity and motivation in employees. It is a very old phenomenon of building good employer employee relationship as well.  
There are many benefits of team building. 
It defines the objectives and goals, provides the opportunity to leaders to brief their team about objectives of the organisation.
It improves the morale and management skill, increases ability to perform, efficiency and strength of team, and identifies the weaknesses.
Team building also eliminates the barriers that threat creativity and develops better understanding communication among team. 
The motivated staff is the most important resource of the company. It is very important to know how the staff workers/employees are being treated and what they think about the company in which they work as it has a direct impact on the productivity of the business.