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Why do we need soft skills

So you have attended several interviews over a period of time, but are still unemployed. You wonder as to why this is the case, especially when your academic and professional pursuits are unmatched. It is in this juncture, that you need a retrospect. When you do so, the answers are there for all to see. It is the lack of soft skills which is making you lose out on offers. The significance of these skills is often underestimated. As a result, here are a few requisites that an employer looks for, in a job interview. These are listed by Kurt Rakos, a partner at Minnesota-based search firm SkyWater.

First, one must be flexible and enthusiastic, he says. The employer will look forward to learning how hands-on will be the person on the job. To test this, he or she might put forth a couple of questions.

As Rakos says, 'This is a good way to understand both his or her method of learning and attitude toward a new experience'.

Next, make sure you specifically point out certain instances where you put your organising ability or leadership quality to good use. This would give you an edge over other employees. Rakos too voices the same opinion. "Someone who gets bogged down in analysis paralysis is not the right fit but neither is a candidate whose actions sound fearless to the point of recklessness”

Another important aspect to be kept in mind is that the interview is not a place where you unleash your ego. A smart candidate keeps his ego in check, and ensures he does not come across as a snob. The trick is to put your team first in any task. For instance, as Rakos puts it, "If I hear a lot of 'I' statements and precious few 'we' statements, I see trouble ahead”.