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What the future holds for the next gen workers?

In the next five years, the industries will see a change in their employability, courtesy the next generation of workers known as Gen Zs.
It is expected that the Gen Zs will bring a new set of behaviours to add to the already differing expectations of today's multi-generational work force. 
A recent survey by has found that over half of business leaders (55 per cent) are highly and moderately  concerned with Gen Zs entering the workforce. 
The survey reveals that despite a high level of concern among 750 leaders, only eight per cent of the organisations have engaged in extensive training to prepare leaders with the skills to manage post-millennials.
Here is the result of the research:
The research states that salary, flexible working and good work-life balance, job security, regular training and development and good holiday allowance are the five most important things Gen Zs look for in a job.
Close to 29 per cent of the Gen Zs describe a boss who doesn't spend time training and developing as 'irritating'. Almost 35 per cent are eager to develop new skills which they consider as their strength. 
Despite a thirst for learning, ‘providing better training and development’ came out top of the things leaders and companies need to do more to appeal to Gen Zs with 26 per cent of leaders stating that, meeting the training and development needs of this generation will be challenging. In terms of how Gen Zs like to learn, 45 per cent prefer regular training and mentoring by a line manager or mentor, the survey states.
Very few Gen Zs place importance on working for companies that have strong diversity policies and show good gender equality. 
Very few of them are worried about working for employers with clear corporate social responsibility programmes. 
'More than a quarter of leaders also recognised that this generation wants to be communicated to regularly with 34 per cent of Gen Zs annoyed by bosses who are not clear in their instructions and 19 per cent put off by a leader who offers very little face-to-face contact. However, only 13 per cent of managers realise the value of other soft skills such as praise, and being open and honest with just 7  per cent placing importance on listening and encouraging ideas,' the survey suggested.