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Tips to construct a successful career

There are many people in this world who are not sad about going to work on a Monday. They have made their jobs interesting and had chosen the career which had kept them engaged and satisfied. 
An article in reveals a few points that will help make you construct a career that you are comfortable with. 
Before setting out to start a career is to shed all the presumptions you have and your family and friends have forced on you. 
Most of these ideas and advertisements that we see always often try to influence our brain in making us to do what they want. 
The only way to over come this is to analyse yourself and think on what you want to do. If the answers feel right then you can go ahead with the career.
Define what you think as success. Make sure that you do not measure success by things that others have achieved. Most happy people have different perception for success. Never be pressurised to be successful instead enjoy the journey. 
Success can be divided in to different categories - financially, at work, personally and ability to work for yourself. 
Identifying these key points will provide you an opportunity to be successful.
Always accept that things will keep changing and will never remain the same. What you wanted badly a year ago will not be even needed now. Do not pressure yourself too much and learn to move on with the times and there are so many resources now that can lead you to the right path.