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Tips for freshers

It is not easy to start as a fresher in a job, things are all the more difficult when you land in a job completely unrelated to your studies. 
An article in suggests a few things to learn from the experience gained by the author. 
It is up to you to decide what you want to make out of a situation.It is like a pot of boiling water, you choose what you are; a potato that becomes hard and sensitive, an egg that changes its nature, or coffee that makes the water change its properties, and what’s better, coffee gives it a wonderful aroma and rich taste.
Inspiration and knowledge come from people, great associations and a little toil and sweat. Shy from it, and you shy away from success that insight and innovation bring with them.
The most memorable events in life are the ones that you struggled hard for, and achieved, no matter how trivial they were. Learn to enjoy these memories in the making. They make you a better recruit. 
It is said by all corporate giants, we need Managers who can appreciate; appreciate the value of people, of businesses and of clients. Build the value to appreciate, so you get appreciated.