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How to prepare an effective resume?

Resumes act as a selling point for everyone who is looking for a job. However most people tend to get it wrong. There is no one particular format to prepare a resume and it varies according to the nature of the job. 

The author of an article in lists out a few points on how to make your resume more applicable to different jobs. 

Let's start with applying for the post of in sales person. It will add more weightage if the relevant experience and actual numbers are used in the resume for this purpose. 

Applying for a copyrighting field requires more creativity and better communication skills. The best way to show that you are creative is by using creative heading an separate skill section highlighting your content. 

When making a resume for marketing job, it is important to make sure that you include what you learn outside your nine-to-five life. 

'Flesh out a story around your community involvement or passion project. As you’ll see, I swapped the earliest career position for a volunteer experience section that expressly points to time spent in marketing and social media. That way, resume is still the same length, and only highlights what’s most relevant,' the author suggests.

In the position of operation management, one must highlight the ability to handle teams and improve processes in the company. 

Show any instance where you were able to solve a serious problem with the help of your team or individually. 

'Your resume has to show that you’re a planner and problem solver in every move it makes. For example, I added in 'Trained and onboarded team of 3 sales coordinators recognised by regional sales director as ‘exemplary’ to the second job’ resume, because training is an operational skill. Even little tweaks like shifting the first bullet verb from 'manage' to 'execute' makes it feel more suited to operations,' the author suggests.

Polish up your skills list with a mention of the data management tools you are savvy with for Business Intelligence.  

'Even routine reports and recommendations can demonstrate your proficiency in identifying patterns and trends that are important in making business decisions,' the author adds. 

Product management is another field that requires more than just a normal resume. Instead of putting focus only on the education skills, show the credentials that you acquired apart from academics.

It is not always true that one may have to stay in the field in which they started with, there is also scope to improve and make a difference in your career.