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How to follow up a response from your interviewer?

Applying for a job and waiting to get a reply can make people restless. This often leads them making up excuses to reach out to the employer to know the result. 
Since most people consider following up repeatedly to be rude, they come up with ideas to make the mail look less pestering, however what they don't understand is that it really does not make any difference. 
An article in points out to a few such excuses that are used during a follow up. 
The first excuse that one can think of is to check whether the mail landed in the spam . Even though you may start the sentence 'In case my email went to spam' it actually translates to 'Why haven't you written me back yet?'. 
This will clearly look like a made up sentence, as by now you would have messaged the interviewer on various aspects including asking for time and you would have got reply. So this sentence will rather show that you are being impatient which will itself create a bad impression. 
The next common sentence is 'Just checking you dint forget'. This sentence is like basically accusing the person of being disorganised. 
Though your intention might have been help them remember about the mail you are actually conveying that they don't do a good job of managing their mail.
There are few others who try to take the blame of themselves instead of accusing the others and '.. because my email wasn't working' is the sentence used by those people. To put it in plain words this will make people that it is your way go-to way to nudge them. 
Then there are the people who fall under the prioritize me category. 
'I know you've been really busy' is their most often used excuse sentence.  Though by this sentence you are trying to be thoughtful, this is like pointing out the lack of time of the receiver and it makes you look more dismissive. 
So, now if you are wondering how else can we do a follow up, this may come as a surprise but telling the truth is the only way. 
Though it may be easier said than done, it is in your best interest.