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Are the millennials ready to lead the world?

Last year the World Economic Forum stated some key challenges and why they matter to the world such as politics, climate change, equality, poverty and unemployment. 
Business Insider published the ten most critical problems in the world, according to millennials and as mentioned; despite the dire state of the world today — and the stereotype that millennials are selfish and apathetic — the generation aged 18 to 35 cares deeply about global issues, and they are determined to tackle them.
Seventy per cent of the millennials see plentiful opportunities for themselves and their peers, and 50 per cent believe they can significally contribute to decision making in their home country.
The author of an article in gives us an insight about the interaction with the students.
The author said that he stood still when a student asked 'What do you think is going to be the greatest challenge for our generation in the future?'
She says that she told them it was another topic all together. 
'I think there are going to be a number of challenges, and I see leadership being the biggest and most important issue,' was his response. 
The author points out it was inspiring to hear them say that she has changed the way they saw themselves, leadership and how they could make a difference.
The millennials see the leadership as a role: a leader is a title.
They are clear that Leadership is not about position, it is about attitude, mindset, behaviour and action.
She says that we must  make future leaders. Of course today's leaders are important but it is the future and emerging leaders that we need to give the skills, confidence, courage and mentoring to lead our future.
'We need leaders who are authentic, aware and know who they are. Leaders, who have the courage to stand tall, believe in themselves and demonstrate complete compassion, empathy and integrity. Leaders who only speak the truth and walk the talk. Leaders who want to be significant to others and create a legacy of leading the way,' she says.
She says wee need leaders who will lead our global challenges with a whole heart, conviction and courage.