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What is the secret of good life?

The ultimate aim of human beings is to live a good life. But the biggest question comes on how to go about it.
Having a good life does not mean setting goals, leaning how to manage your time or mastering the attributes of leadership.
We keep improving ourselves constantly and spend most of our life by gathering knowledge. However, somehow we do not get the good life we wanted. 
The answer to the question of having a good life may vary for different individuals, but the ultimate answer lies in the absence of discipline.
How much ever knowledge you gain, it is not going to help you unless you put that into good effect and in a disciplined manner. 
We have to learn to apply what we have learnt. We tend to spend more time in gaining experience rather than applying the knowledge we gathered.
The next step after practical implementation of knowledge is to study the outcome of the results.
The results can be refined and the experiment can be retired until we get admirable results.
This fuel will fuel our ambition with the positive reinforcement of continued progress. 
'But for this whole process to work for us, we must first master the art of consistent self-discipline. It takes consistent self-discipline to master the art of setting goals, time management, leadership, parenting and relationships,' an article in states.
We have to be self-disciplined on a consistent basis. 
Being disciplined helps us in conquering the various fears that we have in the back of our mind while doing something.
Discipline helps to change a habit, admit our errors and recognise our limitations.
'It takes discipline to plan. It takes discipline to execute our plan. It takes discipline to look with full objectivity at the results of our applied plan. And it takes discipline to change either our plan or our method of executing that plan if the results are poor. It takes discipline to be firm when the world throws opinions at our feet,' the article mentions.
If we are disciplined in our life, we can surely discover untold miracles and uncover unique possibilities and opportunities.