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How to uphold your resolution

Most often people falter when they try to keep up their resolution. If you are one among them, don't worry, Rebecca Scrithfield, a registered dietitian, shares her tips for putting those failed resolutions in perspective. 

If your feel that you new year resolution is extreme or unsustainable, there is nothing wrong in revamping it, she suggests.

Scritchfield says that most times people do not take the due credit which they should. 

'Even maintaining small habits, like walking a few extra blocks here and there, drinking more water, and eating fruits and vegetables at most meals, proves you have what it takes to create new ones,' she says.

To stay focussed and achieve your health goals, Scritchfield recommends to quanitfy the choices that you make in a day. 

The author also suggests setting workable goals.

'A workable goal is based on an action you can take that is realistic and that you have control over,' she says.

Most people tend to overthink their goals which will hamper the results of the resolution. 

'It’s not helpful and only sucks away valuable mental energy,' Scritchfield says.

Scritchfield suggests to be flexible rather than being rigid. 
'Structure is great when it keeps you on track, but life doesn’t always go as planned,' Scritchfield says.

'When inevitable snafus arise, your ‘ruler’ mind might say ‘screw it.'

Instead of replacing your daily food, fitness or sleep goal with a self-sabotaging decision, she recommends thinking through options and being flexible.