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How to live a contended and satisfied life?

People look to be happy and satisfied in all walks of life, however the reality is that we should accept our failures and start to learn from them. 
Instead of searching for beauty from the outside, people must realise that it comes from within. 
* For many of us, sometime between the innocent delight that we start out with in life and the grim acceptance of grown-up responsibility, we slip into an unintentional and subconscious mindset of burden that fuels lots of negative self-talk.
A simple change in your attitude can do wonders to you, the key point is that you should be ready to make the change. 
Each and every day, the real battle takes place in your mind.  If you’re defeated in your thoughts, you’ve already lost.  So why not set yourself up for a win today?  Be reasonably positive.
* Nothing comes for free in life and there is always a price attached to it. When you want something so hard you should always ready to be sacrifice certain things. 
You would possibly face defeat several times but you should never give up trying. However it is important that the dream is not a fantasy and something achievable. 
An idea, after all, isn’t going to do anything for you until you do something productive with it. In fact, as long as that great idea is just sitting around in your head it’s doing far more harm than good. Your subconscious mind knows you’re procrastinating on something that’s important to you.
* You must understand that how hard you try there are certain things that will be out of your reach and you won't get everything u want. 
We gradually learn that we can’t have everything we want, because not every outcome in life can be perfectly controlled.  But if we pay close attention, we also learn that we can make the best of every outcome, and still get a lot of what we want in life, if we manage our time, energy and attitude appropriately.
Don’t give up 50 per cent of your life working 50-hour weeks at a day job that makes you absolutely miserable.  Don’t abandon your sanity for the wrong reasons.  Don’t neglect lifelong goals and dreams that have withstood the tests of time, and still bring incredible meaning into your life.
Fight hard for something you want, however also learn to let go of a few things. 
* The fantasies that you have are your biggest enemies. Sometimes we get out of our own heads long enough to focus on the present and make the best of it, but it’s not often enough. So remind yourself, as often as necessary, to see the moment for what it really is, not what you think it should be. Accept it, so you can make the best of it.
Move through each day and practice seeing life as it is. Do what you have to do without worrying and fearing the worst, lamenting about what might happen, or obsessing over how difficult your work is.  Just begin, take it one step at a time, and do the best you can.
Carry your presence with you wherever you go.  Appreciate the little moments.  Remind yourself that there are few joys in life that equal a good laugh, a good conversation, a good morning walk, a good afternoon hug, or a good deep breath at the end of the day.
* Everyone and everything is always limited in life. You can never spend all the time you want with the people you love.  You can never feel every possible color, tone and variation of emotional and physical experience possible in life.  You are incredibly limited, just like everyone else.
You see, death is an ending, which is a necessary part of living.  And endings are necessary for beauty too – otherwise it’s impossible to appreciate someone or something, because they are unlimited.  Limits illuminate beauty, and death is the definitive limit – a reminder that you need to be aware of this beautiful person or situation, and appreciate this beautiful thing called life.
Death is also a beginning, because while you’ve lost someone special, this ending, like every loss, is a moment of reinvention.  Although sad, their passing forces you to reinvent your life, and in this reinvention is an opportunity to experience beauty in new, unseen ways and places.
* Not everyone you trust will be trustworthy and it is better off without some relationships. 
Trust is essential to building and maintaining deep and meaningful connections – it is the foundation for all healthy relationships.  Rebuilding trust after betrayal, of course, is not easy, and sometimes not even appropriate with the person who betrayed you.  But regardless of the details, and what you ultimately decide to do with that particular relationship, the most important decision is who you decide to be after a betrayal.
The bottom line is that some people will only be there for you as long as you have something they need.  When you no longer serve a purpose to them, they will leave. The good news is, if you tough it out, you’ll eventually weed these people out of your life and be left with some great people you can count on.