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How to achieve things you want?

Though people want to change for good, most of the times they are scared to deal with the change. However once you do it, taking your life forward will come easily and naturally. 
An article in lists out a few points to have a positive mindshift.
The first step to do is getting out of your comfort zone and experience feel and taste what you are passionate about. 
Most people wanted to change but are not clear on what they want. The best way to decide is by writing down what you specifically want to achieve and how you'll know when you've achieved it. 
After people start to pursue what they want, they will lose motivation at some point of time to carry on with that dream. This is when you have to make the best out of you. At this start think of how your loved ones will be benefited by your decision and focus on that vision and feel the energy. 
The next step is to prepare a plan on how you want to achieve your dream. The best way to do this is to follow the action of the people who already succeeded what you wish to achieve. 
Always trust your internal beliefs as they are the ones that call the shots about what you really feel about yourself and your capability. 
Consistency and discipline play a major role in mastering something, it also includes consciously setting and following the daily habits we need to reach our goals. 
Discipline also means developing a distraction alarm. You need to be consistent not only in maintaining habits, but also in the conscious decision to achieve the right things and stay away from the unproductive ones.
When you start achieving small things it instills a sense of achievement into your conscience. This gives a sense of progress making your attitude to change.